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Float like a butterfly, Sting like King B

Published on 8 May 2021 at 20:20

Australian Rapper King-B has recently caught our attention with his recent track with Twitch MLB titled "Introduction". This Aussie has seamless flow in his tracks as his vocals don't give an inch to emotional tone changes. Because of this it his tracks sounds stripped, fresh and unscripted , His lyrics come from all angles and show some deep creative talent.  There's a maturity about his delivery. He has just released "No Grams" to streaming services in the last few days with punchy explicit lyrics on an unusual special effect backdrop.

King-B is a unique rapper from Victoria, Australia that is highly dedicated to make this game bigger than it already is... he wants to help the struggling succeed and he wants to see people reach they’re top potential... King-B has always been a huge enthusiast of Hip Hop and has always rapper but only started recording in 2017 and dropped his first song in 2018, he’s definitely aiming to make some changes within the rap game and he’s definitely aiming to show all those who support his movement, that his movement will stay moving!

He told Globelink “A vision without execution is a hallucination” so therefore “actions speak louder than words”

I would like to see King-b look at some hard-hitting melodic backing tracks (Still Dre), my favourite track so far was "Introduction" which is most like this. King B has huge creative potential and i do think this kind of backing track will best compliment his vocal style. For now here is the link to "Introduction". King-B's Got Barz x Twitxh MLB - "Introduction" by King-B's Got Barz (soundcloud.com)


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