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A happy ending in a new beginning

Published on 11 April 2021 at 15:59

Nashville based artist Lexi Gail has released her idyllic pop solo debut single 'Happy Endings'.  This is a very professional faultless introduction to Lexi's solo music. After a delicate piano intro, Lexi's rich vocals spring in. The soulful vocals are gradually added to with orchestral and classic sounds, which serve to bring out the effortless pitched voice. With positive lyrics, the verses show frequent unpredictable fluctuations in tone which give them something of a less conventional feel and adds a unique touch. The song is accompanied by a pleasing video which flicks from deserted beach shots to agile floor dancing moves to create an effective visual. The song is well written and it's clear every detail has been thought through in creation. 

Expressing her thoughts about the song, Lexi told Globelink 'I’ve written hundreds of songs in my life but this song felt like that moment where everything I’d ever aimed for as a writer just clicked into place. I was twenty years old and in love for the first time, discovering my identity, and learning about life independently from the environment I grew up in. But instead of just sitting in my catalogue, this song kept growing alongside me. The circumstances that inspired it didn’t define it and that’s when I knew that 'Happy Endings' was the first song I had to release. It became a picture of love no matter the kind and, most importantly, a picture of my faith in God. 'Happy Endings' has been a big part of me cementing my foundation as not only an artist, but as a human being and the kind of person I want to be.'

Lexi has had a love for music from an early age and has had an unwavering passion to become a singer songwriter from some of her earliest memories. Her Grandmother and Father look to have passed on their stage presence on to Lexi who has been asked to perform the national anthem at several well attended monster Jam events. Big voices such as P!nk, Carrie Underwood, Adele, Whitney Houston, Amy Lee, Sara Bareilles, and Kelly Clarkson have influenced Lexi's sound. Lexi moved to Nashville to attend Lipscomb University in 2016, having been awarded talent and academic scholarships. It was shortly after this that she began writing and recording original music with critically acclaimed producer Bobby Terry.

Her strong belief in the Christian faith has led Lexi to many uncomfortable places as a writer- to topics of addiction, toxic relationship cycles, mental health, and the messy truths of the human condition. And in the same breath, she also elaborates on the joyful moments of existing and the simple beauty of creation.

In set up, Lexi has an organised comprehensive structure which include a strong social media presence and her own website Lexigail.com where among other features, you can follow Lexi's journey and key thoughts about some of the subjects listed above.

Its clear Lexi has embarked on this new chapter with some solid foundations and while there is stiff competition to make the highest commercial level in this genre, with her passion and creative eye for detail, you couldn't bet against Lexi making a significant impact at some point. What is evident is that Lexi's followers will be enjoying hearing her music for years to come as Lexi will not losing her passion to create special songs. For now please click on the video link to 'Happy Endings' available on all major streaming platforms - (1) Lexi Gail - Happy Endings {Official Music Video} - YouTube

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