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Song Recommendation- Ruthcrest- If You Were Here

Published on 24 March 2021 at 23:21

Los Angeles based band Aaron Garcia, Charlie Carrillo and Adam Garcia are the creators behind the high energetic alternative rock inspired sound known as Ruthcrest. Driven by edgy guitar riffs, catchy choruses and unfeigned lyrics, they bring you relatable tunes that combine the ups and downs of life. They have a increasing following on streaming platforms and a strong social media presence across various sites including their own website Home | Ruthcrest .

Their latest song 'If you were here' is a pop punk song with a bit of everything and shows the trio are not afraid to experiment. Starting with something that sounds more like what you would expect the opening of a Red hot chilli peppers song to be, but then exploding into something of a more familiar pop punk sound. The melody and tempo change several times throughout the song. There are some amazing guitar riffs which include a effective section of higher pitched chords. It's an established sound where the vocals are on point and the catch lines are well capable of sticking in your head for the rest of the day. 

'Say it again' and 'By your side' are two other recent songs by Ruthcrest and both are well worth a listen. But for now here is the link to 'If you were here'- If You Were Here · Ruthcrest (spotify.com)


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