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New song recommendation - Fusia - Wallflower

Published on 22 February 2021 at 18:59

The new Danish indie pop trio Fusia have released their new single 'Wallflower'. There is an unassuming melody that flows effortlessly with a retro touch here. The song is about being in love with the thought of being in love. This is an accomplished tune and one you would associate with a band who have been together for years and are totally comfortable with their own sound. There is a real mark of promising quality about Fusia.

Fusia mixes an organic and acoustic essence with an artificial and electronic sound. This results in a retro 80's inspired sound combined with a modern pop production.

The name Fusia is inspired by the bands unique sound. It comes from the flower 'fuchsia' which is a natural flower that almost looks artificial. The band consists of Kristoffer Rander (lead vocal), Mads Appel (bass) and Simon Jepsen (synth).

'Wallflower' is a very organic and nostalgic song. The synthpop piece daydreams back to the 70's and blurs the lines between fantasy and reality.

Kristoffer Rander (lead singer) reflects on the idea of love:- 'Many people probably know the feeling of wanting to be in love all the time. Maybe you've got a crush on someone and then you're imagining all the different scenarios that could happen with the person. In the end you've almost created a whole life story with the person in your had. This is a wonderful feeling until you realise that nothing will happen because you've thought too much about it."

'Wallflower' is the second single from Fusia's second EP 'Ebony' which will be released this May. Listen to it here: Wallflower


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