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New Song Recommendation - Bachelor Party / Not your type

Published on 20 February 2021 at 11:25

Bachelor Party are an electric pop based duo out of sunny San Antonio, Texas. With multi-instrumentalist Cooper (Vocals, Guitar) and Ruben (Drums), both have over twelve years experience in the music business. Their debut release was 'leavemealone' which included a nice unique chorus, set off by well thought out drum beats. However, the new song 'Not your type' is a step up and invites you in from the very first seconds with a cheeky electric intro. This sets the tone for an upbeat and catchy sound that keeps the attention throughout. The song is very well written and seamlessly executed. The video is a perfect example of what you can produce without a massive budget and perfectly fits the song. I think we can expect more catchy electric songs combined with the trademark pained lyrics and poppy choruses from the duo. 'Not your type' is available on streaming platforms now and is included in our top five new singles of the week. Please find the link here: (1) Bachelor Party - Not Your Type (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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