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Breaking Ground with No Bricks for Welsh Rapper

Published on 19 February 2021 at 10:28

"No Bricks" is the latest offering from Cardiff based rapper Benny Flowz and has seen well over 2000 views in its first 48 hours. Benny has been releasing his music for months rather than years but has already made a big impression. His lyrics are seamless and take naturally sounding routes that other rappers don't see. I cant think of many rappers that have originated from the country more associated with the hills and valleys rather than the gritty urban life Benny portraits ,which I'm sure resonates  more like real life for many in that area. We review thousands of rap videos every week. Most don't make it past 40 seconds. Benny gives you something fresh. The trademark aggression is there but the messages differ from 99.9% of those putting rap music out. This is no more apparent than in his latest track "No Bricks" which is Benny's best work yet and deserved of the increased viewings its received as interest gathers for his work. Here is the link to Benny's new single "No Bricks":  (1) Benny Flowz - YouTube

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