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Globelink Music Promotion Manager Plan

Make your song work smarter with our 28 day Song Promotion Manager Plan

With an efficient song release promotional plan in place you can effectively achieve the same following from one song that you might establish from producing and releasing many more. 

Globelink Music's Promotion Manager offer is a dedicated 28 day music promotion plan where your music promotion manager will talk you through the process and undertake promotional tasks so that you as an artist, musician or band can achieve the best organic growth, coverage and publicity for your music. We will supply you with the knowledge and guidance to enable you to create successful future campaigns

So what can you expect from the promotion manager package? 

▪️ Pre- release song support including a tailor made personalised structured song marketing plan 

▪️ Social media support and advice

▪️ Networking support

▪️ Target setting

▪️ Playlist pitching (including independent playlists)

▪️ Streaming service help

▪️ Radio station pitching

▪️ Music website, magazine and publication pitching

▪️ Press release publication guidance

▪️ Artist and song bio publication guidance

▪️ Maximising effective photo usage

▪️ Personalised email and entertainment marketing

▪️ Local audience interaction advice

▪️ Live performance guidance

▪️ Vast music forum group posting and response monitoring

▪️ Subscription channel optimisation

▪️ Frequent progress calls from your dedicated promotion manager

▪️ 28 days website advertising and promotion at Globelinkmusic.co.uk

Trial Price £199.99 (inc VAT)

To sign up or to receive more information about the Globelink Music Promotion Manager Plan please submit your details below and we will be in touch to discuss your music and requirements further.

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