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Glastonbury 1 Eurovision nil poi

Published on 24 May 2021 at 23:13

At first thought , Glastonbury may have raised an eyebrow by organising the event on the same night as Eurovision, However in Hindsight they probably pulled off a genius masterstroke as not doubt they avoided another UK television humiliation. So while many watched the live stream of Coldplay, Haim and Wolf Alice. Terrestrial Tv viewers were researching how many different languages you can say nil poi in Europe. Even Ireland didn't give us a paddle but to be fair, you cant keep defending the indefensible. I'm sure if James Newman had the choice to swap places with Chris Martin who was singing to an empty field in the pouring rain, he would have.

The UK are hardly the most popular country politically but with Brexit and our handling of the Coronavirus, we have really surpassed even the wildest expectations since the last contest. However saying that , the UK entries in recent years have caught the imagination about as much as a downtrodden man who has lost his job, wife and overstaying his welcome on his ex mother-in-laws sofa.  Our entries have usually been about ten years behind other countries, lack originality and have felt like the kid at school who isn't cool so tries to come up with something different but then just looks weird when everyone just glares at him. 

Been in lockdown most of the year didn't tempt me to turn this circus on, I could have been in solitary isolation for 6 months and i still think i would rather have looked at a stone wall.  So for us, although there will hopefully be bigger musical event clashes when normality resumes. It was Glastonbury that get the nod on saturday.


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