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Indian Variant Festival Threat Fears

Published on 18 May 2021 at 09:13

Festival organisers have had some tough decisions to make this year evidenced by the range of decisions made about originally scheduled events and in some cases subsequent scaled down or live streaming festivals. The festivals that have decided to go ahead, have done so at huge risk as insurers have been cautious about covering due to the high risk involved. We are now now over twelve months into the pandemic and well used to talk about variants threatening infection figures. With that in mind , the festival organisers that decided to go ahead have no doubt been looking anxiously hoping for things to go quiet. However with the news of a new fast spreading variant found in the UK this may lead to further tough decisions having to be made over the coming months. The Government has hinted that social distancing rules may need to stay in force beyond June 21st in light of covid figures in the last few weeks, which will severely reduce capacity at the remaining festivals, something that may be very hard to police without hiking costs.

Most of the festivals are planned for late summer and beyond but this latest news will no doubt be giving planners itchy feet with potential for further restriction announcements before the dates. For up to date information about which big festivals are currently on, visit our music festivals page where you can also find links to the relevant twitter pages.

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