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Many nightlife venues against vaccine passports

Published on 7 April 2021 at 16:39

Most nightlife and entertainment venues in the UK are apposed to the prospect of vaccine passports a recent survey has indicated. 70% of venues surveyed indicated that vaccine passports were unnecessary. The government has said that covid certificates could be used from June to allow access to some venues for the public, however many are not in favour and leading industry figures have expressed "Deep concerns" about the proposals. Trials of events are going ahead in the near future which include nightlife venues in Liverpool and sporting events, which include the Snooker World Championships and FA Cup final. These have already sparked debate around how far the measures should go.

The recent survey was conducted by the Night Time Industries Association who represent nightclubs, bars and festivals. Around the same figure 69% said that that the measures would have a negative affect on their business.  The NTIA chief executive Michael Kill said there were still "Deep concerns over the measures required for all businesses to reopen" on June 21st which the earliest mentioned date according to the governments road-map announcement. He went on to say "many are not conformable using health information to gain access to venues or events in the UK."

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