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The statistics as nightclubs struggle

Published on 23 March 2021 at 09:19

Nightclubs hold a place in many peoples hearts as venues that have hosted many great times and have resulted in some of the biggest next day hang-overs. Regarded as a place where you can relax, dance and meet like minded people. However the pandemic continues to affect the status of clubs already struggling with changes to licencing laws and public behaviour. Our clubs culture has created the spikes of genres and has helped produced new sound deviations that have gone on to be a big part of the music scene. With many drinking establishments offered late licences , nightclubs have had to evolve and create more unique offerings to attract visitors. 

The club scene has been struggling heavily in the last decade with 21% of clubs closing in 2018 alone. Around half of London nightclubs have closed in the last ten years. The reasons are wide-ranging , public perception pressurising councils, licencing laws, a lack of government support for non-meal serving licenced premises and health concerns adding to an industry that has been struggling since the smoking ban was introduced.

During the pandemic alone, 25% of nightlife workers have lost their jobs with 63% of nightclubs making redundancies. 85% of nightlife workers are considering leaving the sector. These are staggering amounts and reflect the perceived lack of support for nightlife during the pandemic. Many workers think that although there were some relief, the recent UK budget did not go anywhere near enough to address the problem.



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