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Glastonbury but not as we know it

Published on 19 March 2021 at 23:19

With the main Glastonbury festival cancelled 2021, the event organisers have suggested they may be putting on multiple events on the site to enable to create a safer environment for the public. They are reported to have applied for a licence for two night concert event but there's no confirmation yet if this has been granted. The scale and numbers would be nowhere near the cancelled event and would take place in early autumn however the event could be streamed live. Its not likely there will be a definite decision for a couple of months as warnings of third waves are given due to the lack of vaccine availability in Europe. With the roadmap allowing  festivals to go ahead after June 21st, most of the big UK festivals are proceeding with caution amid the uncertainty about possible changes if a third wave was to erupt. 

Emily Eavis who is part of the family that host the event has taken to Instagram to say "It's so good to dream up plans and hope that some of these things could potentially happen later this year," The main festival was cancelled last year also due to the pandemic.

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