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Published on 11 March 2021 at 14:17

The United Kingdom will be travelling the short trip east to Rotterdam with a curiously different entry for this years Eurovision song contest. The song "Embers" will be performed by James Newman and  bucks the trend of previous recent entries to the competition by the UK. Lets face it, we here in the UK have generally low expectations of our finishing position these days and have a reputation of entries that sometimes lack the imagination of most other European countries. That is until now because it seems after decades of hurt in this competition, finally the penny has dropped and the UK is sending something a bit different.

" Embers" is a song mashed into three genres. Trumpets , Caribbean drums and a garage beat can all be heard. Its more unpredictable than Boris Johnsons hair on a windy day.  This is not in the true keeping of the United Kingdom , more known for afternoon tea and strongly worded emails, our European counterparts will be forgiven for thinking that someone has changed the performance order when they  return from making their customary waffle during the UK performance, only to find out when they come back, that we actually have gone mad. Speaking about the song Newman said "It's about having that connection and something reigniting. It's about us emerging from this rubbish time we've been having. It fits with the idea that Eurovision is coming back." His aim was to write something "fun and upbeat" and in our view he has definitely succeeded. 

The Eurovision song contest final is May 22nd in Rotterdam with all acts hoping to perform live with reduced delegations from each country.

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