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Selena may veer away from her music

Published on 9 March 2021 at 21:16

Selena Gomez has hinted that she may move away from music into other projects after suggesting that she doesn't feel like people take her seriously and she no longer gets satisfaction from her music prominence. In a recent magazine interview Selena said 'I've had moments when I've been like, What's the point? why do i keep doing this?'. Selena rose to fame through the Disney channel and still has love for acting which is likely to be her go to. Since the release of 'Rare' in early 2000 she has concentrated on things outside of her music but has indicated that there will be one more album before assessing her position. In the interview ,she admits disappointment about some fans reaction to the first song off her last album which she thought was her 'best song'. Selena took the leap into music in 2013 and has had growing success culminating in heavy workloads.

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