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Here is a breakdown of the highest earners in music of all time


1. Sir Paul McCartney 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Worth an estimated $1.2 Billion Dollars/ £910 Million Pounds

Number one on the music rich list is Sir Paul McCartney. McCartney is a British musician and one of the most successful performers of all time. McCartney is most famous for being one quarter of The Beatles, one of the most successful groups of all time. They rose to fame in the 1960s and are responsible for hits such as 'Hey Jude', 'Let it be' and 'Yellow Submarine'. The Beatles released 12 studio albums with the single 'Yesterday' being one of the most covered songs in music history. Paul McCartney has enjoyed successful careers in the Beatles, as part of the band Wings and as a solo performer, cementing him as number one on the music rich list.

2. Andrew Lloyd Webber 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Worth an estimated $1.2 Billion Dollars/ £910 Million Pounds

Andrew Lloyd Webber is a British Composer behind the famous productions such as Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar and Cats. He's built his fortune off of his hit musicals that appear on stages worldwide including London's west end theatres and New York's broadway. The Phantom of The Opera is the longest running musical in the history of broadway and the west end.

3. Jay Z 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $1 Billion Dollars / £900 Million Pounds

Jay Z has been a successful hip hop artist for almost 30 years which has attributed to his massive global success. Some of biggest earning hits include 'Empire state of mind' featuring Alicia Keys, 'Umbrella' Featuring Rihanna and 'Bonnie and Clyde' featuring Beyonce. Jay Z hasn't just made it on to the rich list through his music success alone, ganted the sell out tours and 13 solo platinum albums have contributed significantly to his wealth but Jay Z has also created a vast income from his various business ventures including the clothing brand Rocaware which he co founded and sold for a massive $204 Million in 2007.He also owns the music streaming service Tidal which is worth over $500 million.  Jay Z's success also comes from various other business investments including alcohol brands, entertainment companies and sports investments.

4. P Diddy 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $855 Million Dollars/ £770 Million Pounds

Real name Sean Combs, P Diddy owes much of his fortune to his record label Bad Boy Records which hosts artists such as Faith Evans, Machine Gun Kelly and the late Notorious BIG. Diddys single 'I'll be missing you' was a number one hit and served as a tribute to Notorious BIG. Diddy has his hands in various business's alongside his musical success which includes clothing, aftershave and television ventures. The vodka brand Ciroc in which Diddy has investments contributes a substantial amount to his wealth.

5. Madonna 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $850 Million Dollars/ £644 Million Pounds

Madonna is the best selling female artist of all time which doesn't make it a surprise that she lands at number 5 on the wealthiest musicians of all time list. Her top hits include classics such as 'vogue', 'like a virgin' and and 'like a prayer'.  Madonna has branched out into acting appearing in several successful movies including 'Evita' and 'desperately seeking susan'. Amongst her musical and acting success, Madonna has also profited from several smart business investments including her own entertainment company, various fashion brands and children's books amongst other things. 

6. Herb Alpert 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $850 Million Dollars/ £644 Million Pounds

Not one of the most well known names on our list but Herb Alpert is an American Jazz musician who has happened to make a fortune as a music industry executive. Herb was part of the band 'Herb Alpert and the Tijuana brass band'and gained a number one album with 'whipped cream and other delights' in 1965. Herb has sold more than 75 million albums but that isn't where the majority of his wealth has come from. Herb is the founder of the record label A&M alongside fellow Jazz musician Jerry Moss. A&M became the largest independent record company in the world with stars such as Janet Jackson, The Police, The Carpenters and Sheryl Crowe on their books. A&M was sold to Polygram for $500 Million and an additional $200 million after a legal battle between Alpert, Moss and Polygram. 

7. Dr Dre 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $820 Million Dollars/ £622 Million Pounds

Dr Dre began his career as a member of the rap group N.W.A with other notorious rappers Ice Cube and Eazy-E. The N.W.A journey was depicted in the film 'Straight outta Compton'. Dr Dre released the album 'The Chronic 'in 1992 which went on to receive triple platinum status.  Dr Dre formed his own record company named Death Row Records. High profile signings to Death Row Records included Tupac and Snoop Dogg. High profile records that Dr Dre has produced include Mary J Blige's 'Family affair' and Eminems 'my name is'. Dr Dre's biggest musical success's are arguably not what his produced himself but bringing the attention to the artists Eminem and 50 Cent. A large percentage of his wealth came from selling his percentage of Beats Electronics to Apple in 2014. 

8. Celine Dion 🇨🇦

Worth an estimated $800 Million Dollars/ £606 Million Pounds

The bulk of Celine Dion's wealth can be attributed to her album sales and sell out tours. Shes sold over 220 million albums worldwide and has a total of five grammy awards under her belt including Album of the Year and Record of the Year. Her most recognisable hits include 'The Power of Love', 'All By Myself' and her most famous track of all time 'My Heart will go on' from the 1997 blockbuster film Titanic. 

Celine has stars on both the Canadian Walk of Fame and the Hollywood Walk of Fame and has embarked on several Las Vegas residencies which have earned her a substantial amount of money including a lucrative five year residency at Ceasars Palace in Las Vegas. 

Away from music, Celine is involved in various business ventures including an artist management company, stakes in a nightclub in Las Vegas and she is the founder of a food chain Nickels Restaurants. She is also the owner and producer of Celine Dion Parfums which has brought in millions in revenue for the singer. 

9. Bono 🇮🇪

Worth an estimated $700 Million Dollars/ £531 Million Pounds

Bono is most widely known for his part in the internationally successful rock group U2 with Bono being the lead singer and main songwriter within the group. Bono has gained a massive amount of his wealth through his musical endeavors with album sales, merchandise and tours bringing in multi million pound figures every year. Some of U2's most successful singles are 'I still haven't found what i'm looking for', 'Beautiful Day' and 'With or Without you'. 

Music aside, Bono has made some astute investments and owns a four star hotel as well as having stakes in a private equity firm that invests in entertainment companies. 

10. Rihanna 🇧🇧

Worth an estimated $576 Million Dollars/£468 Million Pounds

Rihanna owes much of her wealth to her high flying music career raking in millions from album sales and sell out world tours. Having brought out eight studio albums which has brought the world iconic tracks such as 'umbrella', 'we found love in a hopeless place' and 'love the way you lie' Rihanna has teamed up with some of the biggest musicians on earth including Eminem and Calvin Harris to consistently produce number one hits. In addition to album sales, she has embarked on six world tours which have earned the star millions in revenue. 

Whilst music has no doubt created a vast amount of wealth for the Barbadian singer, a large percentage of her money has actually come from her partnership with LVMH which has seen the singer bring her make up brand Fenty Beauty to the market. Fenty beauty has been an incredible success owed partly to the singers high profile and also the diversity the make up brand provides. It contains over forty different shades of foundation to cater to different skin tones and ethnicities and has been an incredible game changer in the beauty industry. Recently the star has extended her Fenty range, branching out into clothing, accessories and shoes.

11. Elton John 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Worth an estimated $500 Million Dollars/£380 Million Pounds

Elton John is one of the best selling male music artists of all time, producing over 30 studio albums and playing over 3000 live concerts during his career which spans over fifty years. He has produced some of the most iconic music in history including 'Tiny Dancer', 'Rocketman', 'Your Song' and 'I'm Still Standing' just to name a few. Elton has sold more than 300 million albums worldwide. Studio albums aside, hes also gained critical acclaim, an Oscar and a golden globe for the soundtrack 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight' from the Disney hit 'The Lion King'. Elton continually rakes in millions from song royalties and continual single and album sales from his timeless anthems. 

in 1997 Elton performed 'Candle in the wind' at Princess Diana's funeral and went on to sell 33 million copies of that song alone. In 2019 the biopic of his life titled 'Rocketman' took to the cinemas and massed £152 million at the Box Office. 

in 2021 Elton John will be embarking on his farewell tour and tickets are already on sale.

12. Beyonce 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $500 Million Dollars/ £380Million Pounds

Beyonce is one half of a power couple that commands the music industry, she has been married to Jay Z who sits at number three on our list since 2008. Together their combined wealth would catapult them to the top of the highest earning list. The couples 'On the run' tour was one of the highest grossing tours of all the time earning the couple over $200 million dollars. Before embarking on her hugely successful solo career, Beyonce Beyonce gained international success as part of the girl group Destinys Child producing legendary hits such as 'bootylicious', 'survivor' and 'independant women'. She has released six studio albums as a solo artist and embarked on seven world tours. Her 2016 'Lemonade' album created a media storm with rumours surrounding that the songs implied infidelity on Jay Z's part. Beyonce is responsible for some of the most iconic songs of her generation including 'crazy in love', 'single ladies' and 'irreplaceable' being just a few of her top hits. 

Music aside, Beyonce has also raked in millions from her acting abilities including a main part in the hit movie 'Dreamgirls'. 

Other A list endorsements include contracts with massive brands such as Pepsi and L'oreal as well as business ventures including clothing lines and fragrances all contribute to the singers heavy wealth. 

13. Coldplay 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Worth an estimated $475 Million Dollars/ £361 Million Pounds

Coldplay's combined wealth has been amassed mainly from substantial album sales and sell out world tours with the 'A head full of dreams' tour grossing over $500 million dollars in ticket sales. Coldplay have produced eight studio albums with iconic tracks such as 'fix you', 'the scientist' and 'something just like this' being just a few of their major hits. 

Coldplay has collaborated with some of the biggest stars in the world to successfully stay relevant including Rihanna, The Chainsmokers and Big Sean to name a few. A combination of outstanding ticket sales, consistent record sales, royalties and endorsements have secured Coldplays position at number 12 on our list.

14. Jon Bon Jovi 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $410 Million Dollars/£309 Million Pounds

Jon Bon Jovi has the longivity in the music industry that most musical artists hope to achieve but may only be able to dream of. As lead singer of the band Bon Jovi, he has produced 13 albums as well as putting his name to two solo albums. Some of the biggest rock anthems of all time have come from Bon Jovi including the hits 'Livin on a Prayer', 'wanted dead or alive', 'always' and 'bad medicine' to name a few. 

Bon Jovi has spent their entire career performing sell out concerts and to date have played over 2500 live concerts worldwide. Ticket sales and merchandise sales from his world tours have helped contribute a large percentage to his wealth. 

Away from music, Bon Jovi has established himself in the acting industry and has played parts in several films including 'Leading man', 'Cry wolf' and 'Destination anywhere' as well as appearing on the smaller screen with parts in hit shows such as 'Ally Mcbeal' and 'The west wing'.

Bon Jovi also owns his own football team, The Philadelphia Soul. He is also an astute entrepreneur with his hands in businesses including a very successful wine business. 


15. Jennifer Lopez 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $400 Million Dollars/ £301 Million Pounds

Jennifer Lopez is a successful singer, actress, entrepreneur and TV personality. Jennifer Lopez is one of the few singers that has successfully managed to forge her way into the movie industry with massive success. As a singer she has released 8 studio albums and brought the world legendary r&b tracks such as 'love dont cost a thing', 'im real' and 'if you had my love' to name a few of her most iconic sounds. She has also embarked on four tours and has had a highly lucrative Las Vegas residency that has secured her millions of pounds in revenue. 

Lopez got her acting big break when she appeared in the movie 'Selena', followed by high profile parts in movies such as 'Anaconda', 'Maid in Manhatten' and more recently the box office success 'Hustlers'. 

On top of her acting and musical success, Jennifer Lopez is an entrepreneur and has amassed millions from both her make up and clothing lines. 

16. Sting 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Worth an estimated $400 Million Dollars/ £301 Million Pounds

Sting is best known for being part of the band The Police which is where he has made a good percentage of his wealth, both from his success with the band and also as a solo artist. Combined the British musician has produced 14 studio albums and has a massive 17 Grammy awards to his name. He has been inducted to both the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame and the Songwriters Hall of Fame for his contributions to the music industry. His hit song 'Every breath you take' is one of the most profitable singles in relations to covers and royalties of all time. 

On top of his substantial musical wealth, Sting has also wisely invested in property and has an impressive real estate portfolio to his name.

17. Taylor Swift 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $400 Million Dollars/ £301 Million Pounds

Taylor Swift is a household name in the music industry, one of the best selling female artists of all time and has previously been named as the highest paid celebrity in the world by Forbes. Swift has released 8 studio albums producing iconic tracks such as 'You belong with me', 'I knew you were trouble' and 'shake it off' to name a few of her biggest hits. All of Swifts albums have done exceptionally well and gone platinum. She has also embarked on 5 concert tours and ticket sales have grossed millions of pounds for the American singer. 

Swift has also released a tour documentary with Netflix that went on to be hugely successful. Swift earns millions of pounds a year through royalties and famously went head to head with Apple Music over streaming and royalty rates in 2015. 

Swift is also known to be an astute investor with an extensive property portfolio worth millions. 

18. Toby Keith 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $365 Million Dollars/ £275 Million Dollars

Toby Keith has released 17 studio albums and sold over 40 million records worldwide which has helped cement the country singers position as number 18 on our rich list. Money from album sales and concert ticket sales has secured the singer millions. Keith has had a number one country hit almost every year for the past two decades. 

Keith has also made money from being a smart businessman, creating and owning his own record label, Show Dog. One of the highest contributing factors to Keith's wealth comes from an incredibly smart investment he made a while back. He invested in the record company Big Machine Records which subsequently went on to sign and represent artists such as Tim McCraw. But McCraw wasn't the money maker for Keith, that came when the label signed Taylor Swift and Keith has gone on to earn millions from her incredible success ever since. 

19. Mick Jagger 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Worth an estimated $360 Million Dollars/ £271 Million Pounds

Mick Jagger is best known for being part of one of the most successful Rock N Roll groups of all time along with number 20 on our list, Keith Richards he experienced exceptional success with The Rolling Stones. Jagger, alongside Richards was responsible for most of the songwriting for the band producing hits like 'You Can't Always Get What You Want', 'Wild Horses' and 'Sympathy for the Devil'.

Their record breaking tour sales have helped cement Jagger as one of the most iconic and successful rock n roll musicians of all time. He has also enjoyed success as a solo artist and has collaborated with many high profile musicians such as David Bowie, Sheryl Crow and Will.i.am to name a few. 

Jagger continues to make a fortune from royalties, music sales and tours and has also ventured into acting during his 60 year career appearing in films such as 'Ned Kelly' and a documentary film about The Rolling Stones. 

20. Keith Richards 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Worth an estimated $340 Million Dollars/ £256 Million Pounds

Keith Richards is best known for being part of one of the most successful Rock N Roll groups of all time, The Rolling Stones. Having sold over 200 million records worldwide, The Rolling Stones have amassed a fortune from album sales, royalties and money from tours. The Rolling Stones have performed more than two thousand live concerts. Richards was one of the main song writers for the band alongside Mick Jagger bringing the world classic hits such as 'Sympathy for the Devil', 'You Can't Always Get What You Want' and 'Wild Horses'.

Away from centre stage, Richards is also an established music producer and has credits with many international stars including Aretha Franklin and has his own record label, Mindless Records.

He has also briefly dabbled his hand in acting appearing in the Pirates of The Caribbean film 'At Worlds End' and 'On Stranger Tides'.

Richards has also been known to invest in real estate and has established a valuable collection of musical instruments to further add to his wealth.


21. Katy Perry 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $330 Million Dollars/ £248 Million Pounds

Katy Perrys popularity outside of America is a contributing factor to her being one of the highest paid female music artists of all time and a large majority of her wealth has come from her world tours. Perry is responsible for such hit singles as 'I kissed a girl (and i liked it), 'Hot n Cold', 'Firework' and 'Roar'. She has released six studio albums and embarked on four worldwide tours. Her tour world Witness tour had a massive 80 dates and her prismatic tour saw her perform over 100 times. 

Away from her music cababilities, Katy Perry also landed herself a judging position on American Idol and is rumoured to have been paid substantially more than the other judges on the same season just for the prestige of bringing her name to the table. 


22. Mariah Carey 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $320 Million Dollars/ £241 Million Pounds

Mariah Carey is one of the best selling female music artists of all time and her astonishing album sales help to contribute to her massive wealth. Christmas mega hit 'All I want for Christmas' earns the singer a substantial amount in royalties every year. Shes had a massive 18 number USA billboard top 100 hits in her music career. 

Not only has Mariah got her music album sales to thank for her wealth, in 2012 she landed a TV judge position on the popular talent contest American Idol which came with a large pay packet to match.

In 2015 Carey took on a Las Vegas residency which resulted in her being one of the most profitable residents the Las Vegas Strip had ever seen.

On top of her chart success, tours, residency and TV gigs, Mariah Carey has also managed to profit from a few high profile relationship breakdowns including one divorce and one lucrative split from billionaire James Packer. 

23. Lady Gaga 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $320 Million Dollars/ £241 Million Pounds

Lady Gaga is one of the best selling female music artists in the world, releasing six studio albums and embarking on five world tours. Her debut album 'Born This Way' was an international success and set the precedent of things to come. Lady Gaga is the genius behind hit singles such as 'Pokerface', 'Bad Romance' and 'Paparazzi'.

Not only is Gaga an established music artist she has also raked in the revenue from her acting ventures and has appeared in hit films such as Sin City, Machete Kills and played a lead part in A Star is Born. 

As well as sell out world tours, Gaga's Las Vegas residency has been a huge commercial success for the star, with each performance reportedly earning her over $1 million dollars. 

She has also been part of various endorsement deals with companies such as Virgin Mobile, Versace, Mac and Bud Light and has launched her own make up brand which is already on its way to being a huge success.

24. Roger Waters 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Worth an estimated $310 Million Dollars/ £233 Million Pounds

Roger Waters has gained a good proportion of his wealth from his music success with the band Pink Floyd as well as his solo ventures. Waters contributed significantly to the bands success as the main song writer including being the power force behind the critically acclaimed 'Dark Side of the Moon' which sold over 40 million copies worldwide and is easily one of the best selling albums of all time. He continues to tour as a solo artist often covering Pink Floyd songs.

25. Justin Bieber 🇺🇸

Worth an estimated $285 Million Dollars/ £214 Million Pounds

Biebers fortune has been amassed mainly through his music sales and worldwide tours in which hes completed three of them, netting tens of millions of dollars each time. Not only has his tours contributed to him becoming a multi millionaire at the ripe old age of 26, his documentary 'Never Say Never' became one of the most successful music artist documentaries of all time. 

His albums have been massively successful with 'My world 2.0' being his most lucrative album to date. Hit songs such as 'Sorry', 'Love yourself' and 'Baby' have secured his position of one of the most successful male artists of his time. 

Music aside, Justin Bieber makes a lot of his wealth from his endorsements such as his deals as the face of Calvin Klein and business ventures including his own fragrance ranges. 


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