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A debut to please from Tereaz

Published on 22 April 2021 at 10:54

Rapper Tereaz explores the dangerous world of 'Drunk Voicemails' in his well executed debut. Described as a track where he captures himself in a drunken and vulnerable state expressing himself to a past lover on their voicemail, Tereaz demonstrates a flow to his rhymes that suggests he is a talented hidden gem. This track takes a softer tone to many rap songs with a piano backing and hazy lyrics but its unique, effective and Its professionally produced. For an artist with a following still in its infancy, i'm sure it can potentially attract interest far beyond what it may initially do. This needs a big push because the quality is there. Inspired by Rihanna's 'Higher' ,Tereaz drafted 47 voicemails before culling 44 of them to leave the three remaining verses.

Tereaz is originally from Virginia Beach. At 12 years old while going through depression, Tereaz turned to writing music to feel he had someone to talk to. He explains 'Ever since music has been my therapist and now it's my turn to give back to a world that has kept me from taking my own life.' He added 'now I get to be that vessel to bleed that healing back into the world to those who needs it. I wrestle many things in my music from love, break ups, mental illnesses and several other relatable topics to help those who need it feel like they're not in this wild journey in life alone.'

Tereaz who is now 30 has scrapped over 340 songs and has suffered from insecurities, loss of friendship and love. The great news is that Tereaz does now have a war chest of his favourite writing exploits and has another 15 releasable offerings that dive deep and explore his journey of ups and downs. For now here is the link to 'Drunk Voicemails'  Drunk Voicemails - YouTube


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