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Clear Messenger Lines

Published on 30 March 2021 at 16:49

Free-spirited German Indie band 'Dote' bring out the fun in their new video for the song 'Messenger Lines'. The indie pop tune reveals more of the band's light hearted side. 'Messenger Lines' starts with an electro-synth intro and progresses into a flirty danceable rhythm. The chorus is ultra catchy and is flanked by sweet sounds and playful rhymes. It is a slightly milder melody than some of their other songs and it has been put together and produced nicely. The song has an air of the highly successful band 'The 1975' about it.

The band includes Jonah, Moritz, Niclas and Lukas who all first met each other in the school choir. They started releasing music in 2017 approaching subjects like girls and the ever popular fears of impending adulthood.  Since then they have won insiders recommendations for their indie dance-along songs with eclectic modern guitar riffs, vocals, tender vibes and 80s synth strains. They have a highly recognisable trademark sound.

'Messenger Lines' is the latest song released as the single from their new ep 'broken heart economy class' which also came out on Friday the 26th of March. Here is the Link DOTE - Messenger Lines (Official Video) - YouTube

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