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Faux Rain targeting a flood

Published on 23 March 2021 at 20:03

'Don't Mind Me' is the third single from Australian progressive rock outfit Faux Rain. Parts of the song, including the start, sound like it could be a musical build up for an Armageddon.  There's almost a psychedelic element to the song. It's a 3 minute 43 seconds bombardment on all the senses. We love the electric guitar sounds in this. There's a hard hitting breakout section in the song and the whole creation is on point. In regards to the imposing video, this is a great fit considering the song has something of a grand feel about it.

Speaking about the song the band told us 'It's a song about relationships and the fact that things don't always work out - and sometimes they do. There's ups, there's downs, and we have to live with the consequences. In the same vein, the video clip illustrates this with the guy looking for the girl in the dark city, only to find that she's left. The sequence of the city collapsing in on itself is a visual metaphor for the guys' world being flipped upside down.'

Faux Rain arrived on the scene in 2020 with singles 'Stay' and 'The Feeling.' They are an independent, self-produced and a 100% DIY endeavour. From ambient post-rock textures and electronic nuances, to hard-hitting sections inspired by the metal realm, Faux Rain produces a sound that is experimental and grounded in contrast. Speaking about their creative viewpoint they told us 'with each new song, we try to take a different approach. We're not big on re-producing the same song each time, so you can expect some quite varied sounds from us in the future.'

Expect more exciting releases from 'Faux Rain' including 'The other you' which again shows the versatility of sound and a willingness to experiment. But for now here is 'Don't mind me'- Faux Rain - Don't Mind Me (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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