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Surviving December here to Stay

Published on 14 March 2021 at 19:26

Surviving December have released their inviting new punk rock song "Stay". The band originates from the small fishing Devon coastal town of Brixham. If a punk rock song could say "I want to be your friend" this is it. With a melodic intro and a catchy chorus, this song has an affectionate tone to it. Take the music away and the vocals on it sound more indie familiar but this only seems to compliment the amazing sounds to create the different. Sometimes the sound can be lost with so much going on but not on this as its clear, on point and there's no compromise here. This is in our top five new songs of the week.

Speaking about the song the band told us "The song Stay is part of a larger story which makes up our album. The song has roots from about 16 years ago when we were last a band. But now brought back to life, this song really helps our album". From the quiet fishing village surroundings, three became four and Surviving December went from a humble three-man jam to a four-man gigging punk rock band after a few months of writing and perfecting tracks. 

Here is a link to "Stay" by Surviving December Stay · Surviving December (spotify.com)

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