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333 flatter to 'deceivers'

Published on 9 March 2021 at 22:40

'The Deceivers' is the thought provoking debut release from the 333 Music Project. It was written to ponder the thoughts of  what the media portrays in todays crazy world. The media and the perception we have of the media is high on the public's agenda right now which makes this particular music relevant, edgy and thought provoking. Bringing this concept into reality, a great example of the idea of the power of media is the coverage surrounding the now world famous Oprah interview and how the media are portraying it and the effect that it is having on public perception. It really is something we just can't get away from. 

In the first week of release the song was viewed over 800 times on Youtube which represents a promising foundation and building block for the new project. The song is well written and produced with a subject appropriate video. It is full of Canadian promise from the trio of writers Tim Blunt, Tanya Goodine and Adam Wakely, all hailing from Vancouver, Canada.

Speaking to Globelink Music, the band describes their music goals as 'Generating thought-provoking songs in today's world of change. Blending Vintage sounds, that are Seasoned into a Modern Vibe'. They appear to be thinking smarter and bolder and are seemingly well prepared for their evolvement as a project. They have an organised profile of socials and streaming platforms which is essential for success and appealing to all demographics. It is early days for the project and I will certainly be interested to see how the follow ups go. I am especially interested in how the project propose to retain the modern edge element to any future releases which in my view is key. For now here is 'The Deceivers' which we rated highly in our music reviews this week- 333 Music Project- The Deceivers

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