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German solo project with a Pale Vision

Published on 7 March 2021 at 17:52

'Walk like a badass' is the recent release from Stuttgart based solo project Pale Vision.  This is an ultra catchy upbeat song. It has a unique sound but also a hint of retro about it. It has the cheeky 'cool for cats' vibe with full flowing, story telling lyrics that are usually associated with successful artist's including Madness and The Streets.  Back then 'Cool for cats' was classed as new wave, pub rock.  Pale's voice gives it its own unique brand alongside the song lyrics and especially the melody just after the chorus will stick in your head. It's difficult to listen to the song without at least having a smile on your face and I don't think with the word 'Badass' included in the title that Pale Vision intended you to take the song in any other way. I haven't heard the word Badass for a while but this has given me the appetite to revisit my 'The Simpsons' box set.

Pale writes, produces and records every song himself and has been playing in bands from being 15 years old. Speaking about the changes in the German music scene, Pale told Globelink Music 'so in Germany everything you hear in the radio is pop or rap. And it's basically always the same. Rock is dead and little bands don't get enough support. I want to change that by bringing Rock and Indie music back to the people!'. There's no doubting the talent of the multi-instrumentalist. His previous song 'Life is a game' is also well worth a listen.  Here is the link to the song: Walk Like A Badass · Pale Vision (spotify.com)

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