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There's 'Beauty and the Beat'

Published on 6 March 2021 at 10:09

'Let go' and 'Sugar Kid' are the two amazing debut songs from Beauty and the beat. Beauty and The beat is a duo project that aims to promote consciousness and mental well being. Christin Figueira and JazzP connected to create a joint project that is accessible and entertaining, yet healing to their audience and brought to life by their mutual passion for music. Engaging in topics such as self-actualization, worth and reflection is essential to open a space that makes the conversation around mental health possible and thereby  de-stigmatizes and qualifies therapy as a positive tool. The listener is taken on a musical journey of vulnerability and transparency that is aiming to be inspirational and motivational. 

For debut songs both 'Let go' and 'Sugar Kid' hit the right note. The soulful vocals are outstanding complimented by on point beats. The male rap sections in 'Let go' flows seamlessly . The songs are professionally produced. Sometimes meaningful projects can compromise in style, but this has an abundance of it. They have now just added 'Not me' which has a catchy chorus and a singing interlude later in the song where they are touching on some of the issues in a vocal stand-off before the chorus kicks back in. Mental well being has never sounded this cool.  I wouldn't usually put artist socials on a review but this sounds like such a great thing to follow and learn more about. Here is links to the Beauty and the Beat songs and socials below:

I. Let Go · Beauty and the Beat, Shades. (spotify.com)

II. Sugar Kid · Beauty and the Beat (spotify.com)

III. Not Me · Beauty and the Beat (spotify.com)

Instagram : @beautyandthebeat_official

Facebook : @BeautyandtheBeat.story

TikTok: @beautyandthebeat_story

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