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New Song - Recommendation - Murray / Destiny

Published on 3 March 2021 at 09:33

'Destiny' is the new song collaboration between husband and wife duo Murray. The offering is an upbeat, catchy pop song that was written by Dermot for his wife after finding out that they may have crossed paths a few times before finding one another. The song is well written and professionally produced, assisted by Carl Allen of Amp Music. Dermot only started learning guitar three years ago so to be writing and producing accomplished music like this is a massive achievement. The songs vocal intro almost sounds like it could be the start to an electronic dance track, then the drums kick in after a few seconds. Caroline's vocals are very clear and give a slight hint of a country singer feel about them. The inspiration and motivation around this song makes a refreshing change and Dermot, who is a firefighter by day told Globelink he will be working on a new track once restrictions are eased. Here is a Link to the song: Destiny · Murray (spotify.com)

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