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EP recommended - Not Enough Space - End This Way

Published on 27 February 2021 at 21:15

Orlando five piece alternative rock band 'Not Enough Space' have recently released their debut EP 'End this Way'  with special features from Kellin Quinn and Devin Barrus. This represents much promise from the band, who have been together for over a year.  The lyrics come from a dark place and for a debut EP, it definitely left me with the impression that they are not afraid to experiment to create unique sounds. Track one 'Drifting' dives straight in with some clever voice distortion and channels an individual who is lost and damaged. 'Cascade' which is  my other favourite track has a less energetic and more of an eerie feel about it at the start, building into something of an epic grand finale that gives the EP some great closure.  There doesn't appear to be a shortage of creative thinking here. Usually a debut offering provides a raw sound which can slightly detract from ones enjoyment. This EP doesn't appear like that and definitely sets a high bar for standards. I'm excited about what the follow ups will sound like as they become more established. Listen to 'End this way' here- End This Way- Not Enough Space.

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