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Blame Me! take responsibility for 'Toxic' potion

Published on 21 February 2021 at 21:59

Helsinki hellraisers Blame Me! have dropped a massive kick to our eardrums in the form of 'Toxic'. This has everything including heavy guitars, crazy drum solos and enough energy to power the whole of Finland. There are some mad effects from the start of the song. The intro makes me feel like this is genuinely the music soundtrack to the end of the world. The female vocals give something brilliantly different and they perfectly compliment the sound explosion. How they have put this all together is nothing short of genius. Personally I can take or leave metal generally but this brain explosion gripped me from the start. Lead Vocalist Bini told Globelink Music 'Toxic is a song about anxiety and how the voices inside one's head are trying to take control. When sanity is just a thin thread those inner demons can destroy it in seconds'.  The debut album is being released during the year 2021 and the previous single 'Fire, Fuel and Scars', which was released in December 2020 was widely featured on Finnish national media outlets. The song ended up featuring on three national radio stations and got played on a daily rotation. The single 'Toxic' is presenting the darker sound of Blame Me! and is bringing forward awareness towards mental health issues.  This is in our top five new singles of the week and probably our favourite. Toxic is available on streaming platforms.  Please find the link:(1) Blame Me! - Toxic (Official Music Video) - YouTube

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