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New Song Recommended - Unknown Chapters / Frozen Bones

Published on 12 February 2021 at 21:54

Balancing the ambition to deliver meaningful Rock music, embodying the social context they grew up in while maintaining a Pop sensibility in their song-writing, Unknown Chapters sets the soundtrack to an imaginary future script.
As you travel through their world, the rolling of drums sets the pace while dark-ballady pianos, shimmery guitars and honeyed vocals accompany you to the final destination: Mars.

After introducing the world of "The Age of Dying Radio" EP through the single “Born and Bred”, Unknown Chapters brings you another inside on this prophecy-like story. This time with a marching song: "Frozen Bones". The new single talks about conflict. Whilst the world of “The Age of Dying Radio” is set in a time when relocation from Earth to Mars is possible, a question still lingers for those living under a dominant and indifferent system: "What are we even fighting for?". This song may not provide such answer, but it underlines that despite the evolution of technology, we are still subject to our emotions, and that is the essence of what makes us humans, “We all need love”.

Frozen Bones was one of our five singles of the week at Globelink and we predict a growing army for Andrei, Lorenzo, Tudor, Cleo and Lukasz on there quest to reach their desired destination. Here is a link to Frozen Bones Unknown Chapters - Frozen Bones (Official Lyric Video) - YouTube


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