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Britpop sounding Nescafex Releases Quality Debut Album

Published on 27 January 2021 at 18:54

If you like the Britpop music of Oasis, you will love the debut sounds of Nascafex. His debut album 'Busy Line' sounds so British he might as well of wrapped it in fish and chip paper. This a 13 song hour long album of catchy tunes. The location song titles are the only thing non-British about this album. After the intro to 'Beach Girl' I was fully expecting to hear Liam Gallagher grace the lyrics. The album shows quality all the way through, it is one of those albums where you can get nine or ten tracks in while driving and singing along before you realise you're 30 mile away from where you started and suddenly think 'how did I get here?'  I have a slight preference to tracks four and five if i had to choose but the entire album is full of quality music. Karel Kocurek aka Nescafex was born in 1995 in the Czech Republic and has been singing from an early age. In 2010 he started his YouTube channel only two years after self teaching himself guitar and has been recording covers and originals ever since. In 2019 Nescafex finished a degree in music education. The Link to the album is below and we recommend putting some headphones on and switching this up. 

Here is the Link Spotify – Busy Line


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