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Dead Romantic can’t let go of Yesterday

'Yesterday' is the new offering from Dead Romantic which leaves absolutely nothing left in the locker. This is the kitchen sink of a rock song. In the true sprit of every blazing argument with an ex, it is jam packed with angst leaping out with heavy energy broken by small interludes of calm. It contrasts between raw shout-a-long lyrics escalating from a melodic build ups. It is accompanied with some great visuals on a strong video. The whole packages scream 'We're Here!' The single is taken from the upcoming album ‘Voices’ which is set for release on 25th June 2021.

Although the modern rock crew are only freshly formed, they have already amassed a dedicated fanbase and its easy to see why- this band has true pedigree. The band consists of lead vocalist Dan Taylor, bass player Chris Horrocks, Adam Breeze on drums and multi-platinum record producer Mike Krompass handling lead guitar.

Expressing their views about the song the band remarks 'were making the record weve always wanted to create, completely unchained, raw, filled with the best elements of everything we love about music. Weve all come from different musical backgrounds that seem to work together to make Dead Romantic. There’s a little bit of pop, a little bit of metal and a lot of rock that we hope can connect with people around the globe'.

This song stormed to the top of our new music reviews this week. Here is the link to Dead Romantic-Yesterday-  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qIRm3O8esmI 

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Breaking new Ground

'I still break' is the heartfelt new single from Shyanne. The song dives straight into soul searching vocals and is pretty stripped back with mainly piano accompaniments which amplifies Shyanne biggest strength- her rich vocals portraying the vulnerability in the lyrics . You can usually tell a lot about an artist from their debut release and this is a great, well written debut song. On the back of this it will be exciting to see how Shyanne grows as a solo artist releasing music. 

Expressing her thoughts about the single, Shyanne told Globelink  'I Still Break is a song that touches on change and heartbreak, both are very relevant topics given the global pandemic we're currently facing. Everyone is forced to stay at home in isolation, giving us more time to overthink our thoughts, whether they are negative or positive. No matter how hard I try 'I still break' is a lyric that sums up the song. When a relationship ends, there is always a period of grieving. Relationships don't always work out, as things are constantly changing, and you can't help but wonder what life would be if that person was still around.'

Shyanne is a 23 year old independent singer and songwriter based out of Ottawa, Ontario. She has been singing ever since she could remember and attended many talent shows and singing competitions. Over the years her growth as an artist developed leading to the release of her debut pop single 'I Still Break' which is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. 

Shyanne plans an upbeat follow up to her debut song which should be released in the summer. Listen to 'I still break' here- Shyanne- I still Break

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Last Chance album worth the wait

After playing punk rock music for over 10 years, Last Chance Marie busts out of the gate with their debut brand new full length album "This Is Just Sound." You'll get lost in their catchy hooks, and fired up from their ripping guitars. From headlining their own shows and opening for legends Sum 41 and Hawthorne Heights, this is a band showing determination and perseverance in abundance. It's amazing to think a band that has been together for ten years are only just releasing a debut album. The guys from the Bay of Quinte in Canada have been under starting orders for some time but this ten track album appears well worth the wait.

In our focus song "Nobody Cares", Last chance Marie have hit us with 4 Minutes and 4 Seconds of ear intensity. You can sense the sweat going into this vigorous blast. The energy is the smokescreen for what is essentially a despairing song. Lyrically its a scream for help but put in the form of such a captivating ear explosion. The intro blasts straight into heavy sounds before some vocal back chanting, The high tempo heavy drums and guitars paint the perfect picture of a level of urgency and these are complimented by the vocals of a man seemingly on the edge of his limit. To create this, band members show a great understanding of each other. You can't produce a piece like this without it. The full album is well worth your time  Check out the 'This is just sound' here: Spotify – This Is Just Sound

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A debut on the edge of oblivion

'Edge of oblivion' is the first release from new music project 'Awkward Fellow'. The project is the brain child of Cambridgeshire based singer Jay Harvey who took to self-teaching production to release his own music. After initially recording his own vocals, Jay decided to draft in Mat Neil to enhance the sound he was looking for. They collaborated after meeting whilst they were both working at the same hotel.

The song is a promising debut release. Indie-rock singer Mat shows great pitched vocals on this, which suit the track. The synth sounds are catchy and creative throughout. It is not overbearing and the song holds a constant effortless tempo. It is something a little different which is definitely a good thing for a new project.

Speaking about the back story to the song Jay told us 'I wrote the song in January before lockdown, trying to put it in the nicest way  possible, I wasn't in a good place at the time, I  felt everything was very doom and gloom in the media, I had just broken away from going in a dark direction with drugs. The songs basically about relationships where you're only with each other for the pure intention of getting high or drunk, even if that isn't the intention, but if you wasn't doing that there wouldn't be a relationship "maybe" so you're like if the world is crumbling around me then do I wanna spend time it with the wrong people or person, maybe it was just what you needed to do at that moment but not forever... music itself is more upbeat, I'd say it's more of a goodbye but with no animosity, you don't hate anyone but you realise the relationship is detrimental, so you have to move to something more positive. I hope that makes sense.'

I hope Jay and Mat give this some promotion in the next few weeks. Here is the link to 'Edge of Oblivion'- Spotify – Edge of Oblivion

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Misplaced pop-punk band emerging

When you think about what Scotland is famed for- whisky, lochs, kilts and the Edinburgh Festival spring to mind. In music terms Scotland has delivered many great artists over the years, but nowhere can i recall pop-punk making a prominent appearance in the highlights. This may be about to change with the emergence from obscurity of a Glasgow based Pop-Punk band 'Misplaced', who have stormed onto the scene and  scored a recording partnership with LA based label 'We are triumphant'. 

Singer Kyle Beaton and lead guitarist Kenny Hilling formed the group alongside Richard Smith (bass) from the remnants of a previous project. After recruiting Nicholas Woods (rhythm guitar) the band released two singles produced by Ian Sadler in late 2020. Through 'fuck that, I'm alright' and 'idk why i try', Misplaced showcase an energy that is often angsty,  sometimes optimistic and always defiant. 

History teaches us that sometimes the most unlikely, unheard concepts can exploit a massive market gap and can create a huge following and Misplaced have a unique yet distinct sound.  There's something a little bit grittier about Misplaced, a reluctance to conform which could really appeal. The recent streaming figures indicate that the brand awareness is increasing and they have managed to do what other bands struggle with, which is make the hardest huge leap in a relatively short period.

The latest single 'ffs' is introduced with heavy sounds which are made all the more prominent as the vocals are held back a little until Kyle demonstrates his vocal prowess later in the song when all hell breaks loose. The sound is clear and the whole package and well produced. The video compliments and perfectly portrays the gritty difference between 'Misplaced' and many other pop punk bands we have heard. This song was a top performer in our new music reviews this week. Here is the link to the song 'ffs'- Misplaced - ffs (Official Music Video) - YouTube


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The best 2 minutes 40 of your life?

British Columbian punk rock band Up Periscope have gone for quality ahead of quantity in their newly released two minutes and forty energy blast 'When we're old' . Hitting the ground running has always been favourable and to achieve this the song starts with a quick-fire drum solo intro before escalating into a catchy explosion of a tune with well thought out melody pattern changes.  Mid-way through they put the anchors on with a weighty breakdown before all hell breaks loose again. Despite so much going on, It is a really clear sound that must generate quite an atmosphere when played live.

Like with the songs off the latest 'Brooklane' album, this song grows and increases in enjoyment the more you listen to it, which is hardly surprising with so much going on but definitely the hallmark of something quality.

Speaking about the song the band told us 'When we're old Is a song about coming to the realization that your internal battles and personal issues are taking control of your life, effecting those around you. It tells a story about needing help rather than fighting it on your own. It expresses the struggle of trying to hold it together, and pretending everything is fine. While carrying thoughts that it won't fade with time or age.'

Up Periscope are a fast-paced punk rock band hailing out of Kelowna, B.C. Canada with Drell L'Henaff on  guitar/main vocals, Cameron Weir with bass/backing vocals  and William Bruce covering  drums/backing vocals. With influences ranging from 'Thrice' to 'The Gaslight Anthem' to 'No Use For A Name' and many more. Their catchy riffs and sing-along choruses mixed with heavy breakdowns make for an exciting live show. Up Periscope came onto the scene in late 2015 with their debut demo 'Dude, It's Only a Demo' which led to a self titled EP in 2017. The band has since released multiple singles, recorded at Oodelally Recordings with Jordan Chase. In January of 2019, they released 'Discoloured' then later on 'Every Autumn' on October 31st, 2020. Most recently, 'When We're Old' released in March of 2021.

Here is the link to 'When we're old'- When We're Old · Up Periscope (spotify.com)

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The Vultures descend

Heavy rock outfit 'Three Vultures' are back with their first EP in three years, the Impressive "Porcelain Angels". Their second single release from that EP with the same name is released on the 15th of March and caught our eye this week. With a chilling intro, the song takes only 30 seconds to launch into an uncompromising and melodic chorus. The whole song sweeps you before you blink and is accompanied by a sufficiently menacing video. The drum solo later in the song is not to be missed. Its a well presented disturbed package of raw energy.

The Ohio Based Three Vultures is the brain child of edgy guitarist and raw vocalist Dustin Cutwright, with John Lanes modern throwback to John Bonham in power and delivery and a groove-filled full-bottom base sounds of Auston Dunnington, They are a talented band that pack a Punch. Dark and brooding, but vicious the sound is a result of lashing out at corruption in the small towns were they were raised in the fallen steel valley. They note varied influences including grunge, alternative, progressive, psychedelic and stoner/desert rock in the make up of the well-rounded Three Vultures. 

Here is the link to view - Porcelain Angels - available on streaming platforms 15th March. Three Vultures-Porcelain Angels (Official Visualizer) - YouTube

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Song recommendation - Michael Day / Treetops

Michael Day gives his take on the world in his new single 'Treetops'. The song is five minutes long and a roller-coaster of serenity and intensity. Starting with a pleasing electric guitar intro which is then joined by well written vocal lyrics that analyse human behaviour, before eventually launching into a catchy chorus. The song has an emphasised raised section before the serene ending. It was professionally recorded and produced by James Newhouse.

Speaking about the song, Day told Globelink Music 'Treetops is an internal reflection on our society, but also my own feelings about how society runs as a meritocracy'.  He continues 'we’re given our ‘worth’ by the things that we do. You’re considered invaluable if you do perceived good things and if you don’t do certain things you’re not really worth anything. It’s looking at how it can make us super prideful when we’re doing right and can also lead to anxiety when we’re feeling pretty crap because we’re not meeting standards that we either put on ourselves or that society puts on us.'

Brought up in the Shire of Mundaring amidst the Perth hills, singer/songwriter Michael Day began learning guitar with a determined purpose at the age of 11. As such, he combines beautiful classically trained guitar-playing with warm catchy melodies, pursuing a line between technical ability and holding back in order to serve the song. He acknowledges John Butler as a big teenage influence on his song writing with also a strong lyrical focus that is apparent for all to see. 

Michael plans to release another single titled 'Winter winds' in May followed by a mid-year EP. The official single launch for 'Treetops' is on the 12th of March 2021 and tickets are sold out. So for now, here is the link to 'Treetops'- Treetops · Michael Day (spotify.com)

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Ghosh what a debut!

'Hold me' is the fresh debut R&B/Soul track with an overseas collaboration between artist Natasha Ghosh who is based in the Netherlands and producer Soki who is based in Greece. The song has beats, electric guitar, violin and dreamy vocals which flow effortlessly. It definitely gives off a swanky sophisticated wine bar vibe. The song tries to capture the moment of someone falling in love at such a level that it pulsates beyond their own understanding, which makes them feel invincible and blissful. This is a song that Natasha wrote with her girlfriend in mind and says 'I believe that it's important to show the people you love what they're worth to you. In an ever changing society where all kinds of stuff is happening around the globe it's good to focus on the good things.'

This is Natasha's first year of releasing songs and her very first R&B release. Speaking of how writing the song has inspired her she states 'while writing Hold Me, I discovered that I truly love R&B and I aspire to release more in that genre!'. Born in  1997, Natasha  originated as a professional Dutch-Indian fingerstyle ukulele player but nowadays she also focuses on singing and releases her own music. Natasha's main styles are R&B, indie electronic, lo-fi and hip-hop. In addition, she creates performances and covers of existing songs and uploads them on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, TikTok, and Patreon with a total of over 25.000 followers so far. 

We are now eagerly anticipating Natasha's follow up but for now here the link to her debut original song 'Hold me'- Hold Me · Natasha Ghosh (spotify.com)

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New song getting a Lora Loving in our reviews

Lora Lovinger tackles an annoyingly relatable issue of 'Stop talking to my friends' in her new release. The lyrics which include the line 'they don't need your tedious Dms' sends a clear message whereas the song itself is not so in your face.  It would be easy to have the song go with the tone of the message, but instead this has a slow beat complimented by outstanding vocals. Less is definitely more and if a song with a message like this could ever sound stylish, this definitely nails it.  The video is an effective fit for the song but also an appropriate idea given the pandemic. 

Lora was born in Israel to Romanian parents and her mum was a musician. At  22 Lora moved to New York City and lived there until the pandemic. Her first song '72 Hours' was influenced by the New York music scene. During her stay she met Sam Huybregts and her latest song is the second to be written by the pair. 

About the song, Lora told Globelink 'we wrote it from my personal experience. When you've been with someone for a while, they become close with your friends. But when you break up, most of the time these bonds need to be broken. I wanted to send this message in the most straightforward way possible. Sam and I decided to add a dark twist to it with the production to emphasise the fact that I was hurt and mad about the way things played out.'

Carrying on she adds 'there is a cool lyric video that shows a chat between Sam and I writing the lyrics, along with GIFs made by me. The video has a less serious vibe than the song itself, because I am in a different place now. It comes to show that at the end of the day, it's just another experience that now belongs to the chat history on my phone, and it's a part of life'.

Lora will be drawing on her experiences again for her next song 'The Size Of New York City' which is about moving to this huge city all by yourself.  Here is the link to 'Stop talking to my friends'- (2) Stop Talking To My Friends (Lyric Video) - Lora Lovinger - YouTube

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The August Guns ready to fire in spring

Melodic alternative punk anthem 'Wait for spring' was a stand out in our song reviews recently. With a gentle intro that sets a scene before building up to an explosive chorus- I was hooked from the start. Despite being busy, it is a really clear sound which is complimented by contrasting pitched vocals. The song has a mark of quality about it and one i would definitely want to experience live. 

Inspired by the book 'The Guns of August' (An epic historical account of the beginnings of WWI), Iowa based The August Guns write music to capture the spirit of moments when things have to change. Launched in 2015 by guitarist/vocalist Micah Smith, The August Guns have developed a dynamic blend of alternative rock and post-hardcore full of killer rhythms, crushing instrumentation and soaring vocals sure to appeal to fans of bands like Thrice, Emery, Thursday, and Senses Fail.  

From the debut EP Siloam (2015), Smith's lyrics tell stories of finding God faithful in dark and difficult seasons. He's not afraid to bare his soul about struggles with doubt, depression, bitterness, fear, and other human experiences that we all share, regardless of spirituality. Listeners are invited to partake in the highs, the lows and the hope that anchors one man's heart when times get tough.  

Joined by bandmates Royce Alaniz (Drums/Vocals) and Kirk Phillips (Bass/Vocals), the latest EP 'Victories' (2021) is being released as a series of singles throughout the year and features the best songs The August guns have written to date. 
Inspired by depression and Iowa Winters (which can last 4-6 months, depending on the year), 'Wait For Spring' is about wanting a long painful season to come to an end. Nothing could seem more relevant for those in lockdown over the winter months.

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