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Breaking new Ground

Published on 17 April 2021 at 00:08

'I still break' is the heartfelt new single from Shyanne. The song dives straight into soul searching vocals and is pretty stripped back with mainly piano accompaniments which amplifies Shyanne biggest strength- her rich vocals portraying the vulnerability in the lyrics . You can usually tell a lot about an artist from their debut release and this is a great, well written debut song. On the back of this it will be exciting to see how Shyanne grows as a solo artist releasing music. 

Expressing her thoughts about the single, Shyanne told Globelink  'I Still Break is a song that touches on change and heartbreak, both are very relevant topics given the global pandemic we're currently facing. Everyone is forced to stay at home in isolation, giving us more time to overthink our thoughts, whether they are negative or positive. No matter how hard I try 'I still break' is a lyric that sums up the song. When a relationship ends, there is always a period of grieving. Relationships don't always work out, as things are constantly changing, and you can't help but wonder what life would be if that person was still around.'

Shyanne is a 23 year old independent singer and songwriter based out of Ottawa, Ontario. She has been singing ever since she could remember and attended many talent shows and singing competitions. Over the years her growth as an artist developed leading to the release of her debut pop single 'I Still Break' which is available on streaming platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc. 

Shyanne plans an upbeat follow up to her debut song which should be released in the summer. Listen to 'I still break' here- Shyanne- I still Break

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Anne Michaud
a year ago

This Song is absolutely touching and vulnerable. It really expresses so much emotions and passion! Give me more music! New favourite Canadian artist!