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Last Chance album worth the wait

Published on 31 March 2021 at 10:29

After playing punk rock music for over 10 years, Last Chance Marie busts out of the gate with their debut brand new full length album "This Is Just Sound." You'll get lost in their catchy hooks, and fired up from their ripping guitars. From headlining their own shows and opening for legends Sum 41 and Hawthorne Heights, this is a band showing determination and perseverance in abundance. It's amazing to think a band that has been together for ten years are only just releasing a debut album. The guys from the Bay of Quinte in Canada have been under starting orders for some time but this ten track album appears well worth the wait.

In our focus song "Nobody Cares", Last chance Marie have hit us with 4 Minutes and 4 Seconds of ear intensity. You can sense the sweat going into this vigorous blast. The energy is the smokescreen for what is essentially a despairing song. Lyrically its a scream for help but put in the form of such a captivating ear explosion. The intro blasts straight into heavy sounds before some vocal back chanting, The high tempo heavy drums and guitars paint the perfect picture of a level of urgency and these are complimented by the vocals of a man seemingly on the edge of his limit. To create this, band members show a great understanding of each other. You can't produce a piece like this without it. The full album is well worth your time  Check out the 'This is just sound' here: Spotify – This Is Just Sound

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