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A debut on the edge of oblivion

Published on 29 March 2021 at 16:23

'Edge of oblivion' is the first release from new music project 'Awkward Fellow'. The project is the brain child of Cambridgeshire based singer Jay Harvey who took to self-teaching production to release his own music. After initially recording his own vocals, Jay decided to draft in Mat Neil to enhance the sound he was looking for. They collaborated after meeting whilst they were both working at the same hotel.

The song is a promising debut release. Indie-rock singer Mat shows great pitched vocals on this, which suit the track. The synth sounds are catchy and creative throughout. It is not overbearing and the song holds a constant effortless tempo. It is something a little different which is definitely a good thing for a new project.

Speaking about the back story to the song Jay told us 'I wrote the song in January before lockdown, trying to put it in the nicest way  possible, I wasn't in a good place at the time, I  felt everything was very doom and gloom in the media, I had just broken away from going in a dark direction with drugs. The songs basically about relationships where you're only with each other for the pure intention of getting high or drunk, even if that isn't the intention, but if you wasn't doing that there wouldn't be a relationship "maybe" so you're like if the world is crumbling around me then do I wanna spend time it with the wrong people or person, maybe it was just what you needed to do at that moment but not forever... music itself is more upbeat, I'd say it's more of a goodbye but with no animosity, you don't hate anyone but you realise the relationship is detrimental, so you have to move to something more positive. I hope that makes sense.'

I hope Jay and Mat give this some promotion in the next few weeks. Here is the link to 'Edge of Oblivion'- Spotify – Edge of Oblivion

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