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Misplaced pop-punk band emerging

Published on 23 March 2021 at 10:46

When you think about what Scotland is famed for- whisky, lochs, kilts and the Edinburgh Festival spring to mind. In music terms Scotland has delivered many great artists over the years, but nowhere can i recall pop-punk making a prominent appearance in the highlights. This may be about to change with the emergence from obscurity of a Glasgow based Pop-Punk band 'Misplaced', who have stormed onto the scene and  scored a recording partnership with LA based label 'We are triumphant'. 

Singer Kyle Beaton and lead guitarist Kenny Hilling formed the group alongside Richard Smith (bass) from the remnants of a previous project. After recruiting Nicholas Woods (rhythm guitar) the band released two singles produced by Ian Sadler in late 2020. Through 'fuck that, I'm alright' and 'idk why i try', Misplaced showcase an energy that is often angsty,  sometimes optimistic and always defiant. 

History teaches us that sometimes the most unlikely, unheard concepts can exploit a massive market gap and can create a huge following and Misplaced have a unique yet distinct sound.  There's something a little bit grittier about Misplaced, a reluctance to conform which could really appeal. The recent streaming figures indicate that the brand awareness is increasing and they have managed to do what other bands struggle with, which is make the hardest huge leap in a relatively short period.

The latest single 'ffs' is introduced with heavy sounds which are made all the more prominent as the vocals are held back a little until Kyle demonstrates his vocal prowess later in the song when all hell breaks loose. The sound is clear and the whole package and well produced. The video compliments and perfectly portrays the gritty difference between 'Misplaced' and many other pop punk bands we have heard. This song was a top performer in our new music reviews this week. Here is the link to the song 'ffs'- Misplaced - ffs (Official Music Video) - YouTube


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