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The best 2 minutes 40 of your life?

Published on 15 March 2021 at 16:54

British Columbian punk rock band Up Periscope have gone for quality ahead of quantity in their newly released two minutes and forty energy blast 'When we're old' . Hitting the ground running has always been favourable and to achieve this the song starts with a quick-fire drum solo intro before escalating into a catchy explosion of a tune with well thought out melody pattern changes.  Mid-way through they put the anchors on with a weighty breakdown before all hell breaks loose again. Despite so much going on, It is a really clear sound that must generate quite an atmosphere when played live.

Like with the songs off the latest 'Brooklane' album, this song grows and increases in enjoyment the more you listen to it, which is hardly surprising with so much going on but definitely the hallmark of something quality.

Speaking about the song the band told us 'When we're old Is a song about coming to the realization that your internal battles and personal issues are taking control of your life, effecting those around you. It tells a story about needing help rather than fighting it on your own. It expresses the struggle of trying to hold it together, and pretending everything is fine. While carrying thoughts that it won't fade with time or age.'

Up Periscope are a fast-paced punk rock band hailing out of Kelowna, B.C. Canada with Drell L'Henaff on  guitar/main vocals, Cameron Weir with bass/backing vocals  and William Bruce covering  drums/backing vocals. With influences ranging from 'Thrice' to 'The Gaslight Anthem' to 'No Use For A Name' and many more. Their catchy riffs and sing-along choruses mixed with heavy breakdowns make for an exciting live show. Up Periscope came onto the scene in late 2015 with their debut demo 'Dude, It's Only a Demo' which led to a self titled EP in 2017. The band has since released multiple singles, recorded at Oodelally Recordings with Jordan Chase. In January of 2019, they released 'Discoloured' then later on 'Every Autumn' on October 31st, 2020. Most recently, 'When We're Old' released in March of 2021.

Here is the link to 'When we're old'- When We're Old · Up Periscope (spotify.com)

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