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The Vultures descend

Published on 14 March 2021 at 19:28

Heavy rock outfit 'Three Vultures' are back with their first EP in three years, the Impressive "Porcelain Angels". Their second single release from that EP with the same name is released on the 15th of March and caught our eye this week. With a chilling intro, the song takes only 30 seconds to launch into an uncompromising and melodic chorus. The whole song sweeps you before you blink and is accompanied by a sufficiently menacing video. The drum solo later in the song is not to be missed. Its a well presented disturbed package of raw energy.

The Ohio Based Three Vultures is the brain child of edgy guitarist and raw vocalist Dustin Cutwright, with John Lanes modern throwback to John Bonham in power and delivery and a groove-filled full-bottom base sounds of Auston Dunnington, They are a talented band that pack a Punch. Dark and brooding, but vicious the sound is a result of lashing out at corruption in the small towns were they were raised in the fallen steel valley. They note varied influences including grunge, alternative, progressive, psychedelic and stoner/desert rock in the make up of the well-rounded Three Vultures. 

Here is the link to view - Porcelain Angels - available on streaming platforms 15th March. Three Vultures-Porcelain Angels (Official Visualizer) - YouTube

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