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Song recommendation - Michael Day / Treetops

Published on 11 March 2021 at 23:29

Michael Day gives his take on the world in his new single 'Treetops'. The song is five minutes long and a roller-coaster of serenity and intensity. Starting with a pleasing electric guitar intro which is then joined by well written vocal lyrics that analyse human behaviour, before eventually launching into a catchy chorus. The song has an emphasised raised section before the serene ending. It was professionally recorded and produced by James Newhouse.

Speaking about the song, Day told Globelink Music 'Treetops is an internal reflection on our society, but also my own feelings about how society runs as a meritocracy'.  He continues 'we’re given our ‘worth’ by the things that we do. You’re considered invaluable if you do perceived good things and if you don’t do certain things you’re not really worth anything. It’s looking at how it can make us super prideful when we’re doing right and can also lead to anxiety when we’re feeling pretty crap because we’re not meeting standards that we either put on ourselves or that society puts on us.'

Brought up in the Shire of Mundaring amidst the Perth hills, singer/songwriter Michael Day began learning guitar with a determined purpose at the age of 11. As such, he combines beautiful classically trained guitar-playing with warm catchy melodies, pursuing a line between technical ability and holding back in order to serve the song. He acknowledges John Butler as a big teenage influence on his song writing with also a strong lyrical focus that is apparent for all to see. 

Michael plans to release another single titled 'Winter winds' in May followed by a mid-year EP. The official single launch for 'Treetops' is on the 12th of March 2021 and tickets are sold out. So for now, here is the link to 'Treetops'- Treetops · Michael Day (spotify.com)

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