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New song getting a Lora Loving in our reviews

Published on 7 March 2021 at 10:05

Lora Lovinger tackles an annoyingly relatable issue of 'Stop talking to my friends' in her new release. The lyrics which include the line 'they don't need your tedious Dms' sends a clear message whereas the song itself is not so in your face.  It would be easy to have the song go with the tone of the message, but instead this has a slow beat complimented by outstanding vocals. Less is definitely more and if a song with a message like this could ever sound stylish, this definitely nails it.  The video is an effective fit for the song but also an appropriate idea given the pandemic. 

Lora was born in Israel to Romanian parents and her mum was a musician. At  22 Lora moved to New York City and lived there until the pandemic. Her first song '72 Hours' was influenced by the New York music scene. During her stay she met Sam Huybregts and her latest song is the second to be written by the pair. 

About the song, Lora told Globelink 'we wrote it from my personal experience. When you've been with someone for a while, they become close with your friends. But when you break up, most of the time these bonds need to be broken. I wanted to send this message in the most straightforward way possible. Sam and I decided to add a dark twist to it with the production to emphasise the fact that I was hurt and mad about the way things played out.'

Carrying on she adds 'there is a cool lyric video that shows a chat between Sam and I writing the lyrics, along with GIFs made by me. The video has a less serious vibe than the song itself, because I am in a different place now. It comes to show that at the end of the day, it's just another experience that now belongs to the chat history on my phone, and it's a part of life'.

Lora will be drawing on her experiences again for her next song 'The Size Of New York City' which is about moving to this huge city all by yourself.  Here is the link to 'Stop talking to my friends'- (2) Stop Talking To My Friends (Lyric Video) - Lora Lovinger - YouTube

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